About Trond Are Berge Fine Art Photography

Trond Are creates Contemporary Fine Art Photography in- and of the nature.
Creating Fine Art Photography, from the sea level to the high mountains, is a natural part of his lifestyle and passion. 
Trond Are has exhibited in several countries during the last years.(i.e. Norway, USA, Italy, France, Monaco, Switzerland) His works have found their space on the walls of private art collectors who also are following and responding to his career.
He also is an author and co-author and delivers photographs and articles to book editors, newspapers and magazines. He has created several nature programs to the Norwegian television (Nrk) and Nature museums. A cooperation with the photographer Arne J. Mortensen resulted in the popular book " Villreinens rike"("The world of wild reindeer".5200 ex. Sold out) . 
The photographer is using un-traditional ways to create his art-photography, without using tools as photoshop layers. In ex. his technique"Photo of photo on photo" has achieved recognition with art connoisseurs. 
From 1981, until July 2020,he has worked as a professional Mountain Park Ranger in several Norwegian National Parks / mountain areas. Now, he is a full time professional photographer.
E-mail: trondabe@outlook.com




Trond Are Berge- Photographer

 Born 1957.

Aasaringen 116, 7236 Hovin, Norway

Tel:  +47 45023760 e-mail: trondabe@outlook.com

Exhibitions (a selection):

  • 2021: Studio Abba, Stengel collection, Florence 
  • 2021: Sognefjellshytta. Solo exh.
  • 2021:Galleri 300, Walaker hotell. Solo exh.
  • 2020: OpenArtCode,ArtCapital, Grand Palais, Paris
  • 2020: OAC, Stengel collection, Florence
  • 2020: Sognefjellshytta. Solo exhibition
  • 2019:  Sognefjellshytta. Aug.- Sept. Solo exhibition
  • 2019: Gallery Studio Art Unlimited, OAC Group/Studio Abba.Genova.
  • 2018: Dalype Gallery, Oslo, N. Solo exhibition. 13.Oct.-21.oct.
  • 2018: Basilica di San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy. April 19th - May 8th, 2018 Open Art Code.Invited.
  • 2018: Gaula Nature Center, Støren, N. Solo exhibition.
  • 2018: Snefugl gaard, Skaun. with artist Steinar Garberg, N.
  • 2017: Gaula Nature Center, Støren. Solo-exhibition. Nov.-Dec. 
  • 2017: Open Art Code, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Invited.  
  • 2016: Gaula Nature Center, Støren. Solo-exhibition Nov.-Dec. 
  • 2016: SNBA. Salon des Beaux Arts, Louvre, Paris. Juried. Norwegian Delegation. Dec.
  • 2016: December exhibition Trondhjems Art association, Norway
  • 2016: Open Art Code, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Invited.  Sept./Oct. Invited.
  • 2016: Studio Abba. Gemluc Art, Monaco. Invited. Sept/Oct. Invited.
  • 2016:  Chianti Star Festival, Studio Abba, Firenze. Sept. Invited.
  • 2016: OpenArtCode, Palazzo Franchetti, Venezia. 4- 20.February. Invited.
  • 2016: ArtHotelNorway. 8.- 17. January. Solo exhibition. Curated. 
  • 2015: December exhibition Trondhjems Art association, Norway, juryed.
  • 2015: Florence Biennale 2015 - X Edition. “Selected artist, International Selection Committee”. 17.-25.oct. 
  • 2015: Gudbrandsdalmusea Lesja,Norway 20.June-15.August.
  • 2014: Salon des Artistes Indépendants. Grand Palais, Paris. Open Art Code. 25.-30. November.
  • 2013. December exhibition Trondhjems Art association, Norway 2 x juryed.
  • 2013. Bryggeutstillinga, Raakvaag, Norway. June – August.
  • 2013. Agora Gallery, New York. Chelsea Art District, April. Invited.
  • 1994.   Leszek Krzysztof Sawicki Gallery, Warsawa, Poland. 25 photographs. Solo exhibition.

Books/ Publications:

  • 2017: AJAC/ Open Art Code. Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.
  • 2016: AJAC/Open Art Code. Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.
  • 2016: Open Art Code, Venezia.
  • 2015: Florence Biennale. Art and the Polis. X Edizione.
  • 2014. Open Art Code, Grand Palais, Paris.
  • 2013. ARTisSpectrum Vol 30. The Chelsea Perspective, New York.
  • 2013. ARTisSpectrum Vol 28. The Chelsea Perspective, New York.
  • 2012. ARTisSpectrum Vol 27. The Chelsea Perspective, New York.
  • 2012. International Masters of Photography Vol I" by World Wide Art books, Inc.
  • 2005. Book “Wild reindeer”, co-author and photographer with Arne J. Mortensen. (100 photos, 5200 ex.)
  • 2000. “Home of glaciers “. co-author and photographer. DNT, Norway
  • 1994. “In Luster mountains”, co-author and photographer

Purchased: Midtre Gauldal municipal, Norway.
                     Luster municipal, Norway


  • Skaun community. Cooperation with artist Steinar Garberg, Norway.
  •  National Olympic Centre, Trondheim, Norway. Cooperation with artist Steinar Garberg, Norway.